new school year

With the new school year fast approaching, I’ve decided to start posting again.  Our plans are to start the school year the week after Labor Day.  We welcomed our 1st DD into our family a week ago, so we are busy babymooning.  With DS1, I am going to do My Father’s World Exploring Countries and Cultures.  We did their Adventures program last year and loved it.  We’ll also use Math-U-See Gamma program, which starts right off with introducing multiplication.  We’ll continue with our first book of cursive using the Handwriting Without Tears program.  Rounding out our studies, we’ll use Explode the Code Book 6 for spelling and phonics and Primary Language Lessons for English.  With DS2, I’m excited to start Five in a Row.  I loved it when I did it with DS1, so I’m looking forward to it again.  He’ll use the Math-U-See Primer, Explode the Code series, and Handwriting without Tears.  I’m sure DS2 will also want to join in on some of our Exploring Countries and Cultures fun with DS1.  We will also do various activities outside the home.  I’m looking forward to another great school year!


One Response to “new school year”

  1. Rose Says:

    Hi Anna! I’m taking a few moments to check out your blog and love that you are a MFW user too! I’m adding you to my Google Reader so I can keep up with you.

    So, I guess you’d recommend Handwriting Without Tears? We have not done any handwriting (cursive) with my 8yr old. I’ll have to check it out. Math U See is so great! I love using it too.

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