3 Boys + Making a Pinata = Messy Fun!

I’ve intended to write about our schooling this year earlier, but haven’t made the time.  The first two weeks, our focus was about mapping and how maps are made.  We learned about the differences in maps and globes.  The next two weeks, our focus was on the United States.  These past two weeks, we have been learning about Mexico.  For one of our art projects, we decided to undertake making a pinata.  It took me back to my years of Spanish in high school when we made pinatas once a year (or so it seemed).  I’ve never made a pinata though with three small boys though.  It was fun!  It was messy!  After about 45 minutes, they decided they had enough, so I completed the task.


Notice how things start fairly clean, then a little mess, and then lots of mess.


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