Signs of spring at our house

While washing dishes isn’t my favorite chore, I’ve been enjoying admiring the irises right outside my window while I do my task.  As the kids and I were on our way out of the driveway the other night, I took a moment to take some photos of the budding irises.  That was April 30th.  On May 1st (May Day), the first iris blossomed.

spring and drew's b'day 003

spring and drew's b'day 030

Also on May Day, we got to pick up three little chicks as part of the ‘rent a chick’ program that our local CSA does.  We will bring them back in about two weeks.  My kids each picked a slightly different chick, so that they could tell them apart.  We have one that is yellow, one slightly grey, and one black.  They are so cute!  My kids love them!

spring and drew's b'day 014

May also brings two birthdays at our house.  7 years ago on May 2nd, I welcomed my second baby and second son into the world in my first home waterbirth.  What a joy he has been!  He was delighted to get his first bike for his birthday.

spring and drew's b'day 021

We’ve had a lot of rain here this week, so we’ve taken advantage of the sun when it’s here.  Today was a beautiful sunny day!

spring and drew's b'day 035

spring and drew's b'day 039

spring and drew's b'day 043


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