Mother’s Day fun

The local fair trade chocolate factory had a fun Mother’s Day gift making event yesterday.  My family and I decided to go join in the fun.  Here is a step by step of the process demonstrated by my lovely boys.  We made one for each of the grandmas and one for me.  They are so yummy!  Oh my!

First, you dip the rice krispy treat in the vat of chocolate or hold it under the fountain:                                                         

askinosie fun 002

askinosie fun 005

Second, you drizzle the white chocolate on the chocolate covered rice krispy treat:

askinosie fun 008

Next, they decorated them with sprinkles or cocoa nibs.  Then, the treats were put in the cooler to harden.  While they were cooling, the boys decorated little brown paper gift bags with markers.  After that, the workers put cellophane bags and ribbons on the treats.

The final product:

askinosie fun 012

I am thankful for my mother who has been an inspiration and helped me become the woman who I am today.  I am also thankful for my children for giving me the opportunity to be a mother.

Happy Mother’s Day to mothers everywhere!


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