FL trip photos – Day 3

The first day of our trip, we drove from MO to Olive Branch, MS (just past Memphis).  I didn’t take any pictures, but there wasn’t a whole of photo ops.  Day 2, we drove from MS to Dothan, AL.  Again, no pictures taken.  We stopped for 2 hours to read or I mean stretch our legs and eat.  We had P.F. Chang’s and then headed to Barnes & Noble for a couple of hours.  It was a nice break after the driving, but who wants to leave a bookstore for more driving?  Day 3, we were excited since we knew we’d be arrived at our vacation home that evening.

florida vacation summer 09 002

Driving on I-10 meant that we, of course, had to stop in Tallahassee!  I had my first homebirth in Tally a little over seven years ago.  Here my boy is at his birthplace.  The apartments are quite a bit run down seven years later, but it will always hold a special place in this mama’s heart.

florida vacation summer 09 008

I used to walk several times a week around Lake Ella when I was pregnant, so it is special to me.

After our stop in Tally, it was time to get in the car again for the last leg of our journey.  We arrived in Orlando and stopped at the grocery store before heading to our house.  We unloaded our stuff and then went for a swim in our pool.  If you’ve never stayed in a vacation home, I highly recommend it.  We were about 10 miles south of Orlando.  We paid the same amount of money for a 4 bed/3bath house with a pool as we would have for a hotel in Orlando.  I loved the pool!!!  I joked with my husband that I was ready to move there.

florida vacation summer 09 013

florida vacation summer 09 042

Did I mention it was Father’s Day?  I took 7 pictures of this crew and got one good one.  It was hard getting the little Miss to sit still.

Stay tuned for more pictures!


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  1. 2ndraft Says:

    how CUTE!!!!! love it love it love it

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