FL trip – Day 4 & 5

I’ve been a little neglectful of my blog.  I must admit that often I am a better reader of blogs than blogger.  Okay, so the much anticipated day 4 of our FL trip!  After 2 and a half days of driving, we decided that day 4 should be spent relaxing at our vacation home gearing up for the exciting days ahead.  Day 4 was spent swimming at our pool.  We did end up venturing in to Orlando to check it out and play video games at a local game area.  We headed to bed early that night so that we would be well-rested for our big day ahead at Sea World!! 

florida vacation summer 09 047They are ready for the day!

florida vacation summer 09 057Here we are getting our oyster for the little miss opened.  The diver brought up 6 or so oysters and then I picked which one they should open.

florida vacation summer 09 058What do you know?  Twin pearls!  One for mom and one for daughter.  I was really excited about it.

florida vacation summer 09 059Next stop was the Shamu show.  I was told by a friend that I should get the Shamu ice cream bars to watch during the show.  Boy, did they hit the spot!  It was so hot outside that those ice creams bars were just what we needed.

florida vacation summer 09 060My husband usually doesn’t wear a cowboy hat, but he forgot his ball cap.  He borrowed my son’s cowboy hat.  I think I like the look!

florida vacation summer 09 062

florida vacation summer 09 064No, the baby didn’t get a Shamu bar!

florida vacation summer 09 083

florida vacation summer 09 086

florida vacation summer 09 112After the show, we headed to the Underwater Grill for lunch.  We ate seafood while we watched the sea creatures swim in the big tank.

florida vacation summer 09 122Daddy pushed the boys in the stroller.  Little Miss rode on my back in the Ergo.

florida vacation summer 09 129

florida vacation summer 09 141The boys thought that getting to touch the stingrays was fun.

Shortly after the stingrays, my camera battery needed to be recharged which meant no more pictures for the day.  By the time we left the park after sundown, we were ready to collapse into bed.  I’ll come back to post day 6 pictures sooner than I did with days 4 & 5.


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