Askinosie Chocolate giveaway

Who doesn’t love chocolate?  Recently my children and I took a field trip to Askinosie Chocolate factory.  I’ve been a fan of Askinosie chocolate for a while now, but after taking the tour and learning more about the company, all other chocolate pales in comparison.  The story of how Askinosie chocolate started is interesting.  Shawn Askinosie used to be an attorney and decided to do something different with his life.  After considering different options, he decided to open a chocolate factory.  You can read more about his story at his website here.  From bean to bar to the wrapped product, Askinosie is commited to making high quality chocolate.  They even use the strings from the cocoa bean bags to tie the chocolate bars.  You can even enter a lot number from the front of a bar or another product, to see the journey of that product.  Cool, huh?  Not only do they produce a high quality chocolate bar, but they provide a stake in the outcome for workers picking the cocoa pods and drying the beans, also known as fair trade – something which is rare among chocolate factories.  Askinosie chocolate is also making a difference in the local community by their Chocolate University program, as well as providing work to women at the local homeless shelter.  All proceeds from their tour, go directly to the Chocolate University program. 
In addition to chocolate bars, cocoa powder, they have unique gifts.  I bought one of their new t-shirts.  Maybe I should have purchased the C-ration, a month’s supply of chocolate.  They also offer online gift cards.
I purchased some cocoa powder when I was there.  Here’s a recipe for a homemade mocha that I’ve been enjoying this week:
1 Starbucks Via packet
2 T Askinosie cocoa powder
2 T organic sugar
8 oz boiling water
a generous amount of Organic Valley heavy cream
For my mother’s big deal birthday in November, I made a flourless chocolate cake for her using 2 and 1/3 bars of Askinosie dark chocolate.  Man, was it delicious!
Now on to the fun part:  I’m offering you the chance to win some Askinosie chocolate for yourself.  Here’s how:
visit their website and tell me which chocolate bar you would choose if you won or if you would choose 3 tubes of cocoa powder (1 entry)
follow Askinosie chocolate on twitter (1 entry)
become a fan of Askinosie chocolate on facebook (1 entry)
place an order during my giveaway (10 entries).  enter Annablog in the order note section
blog about this giveaway (5 entries)
tweet this giveaway (1 entry)
post about this giveaway on facebook (1 entry)
Please enter seperate comments for each thing you do, so you can get credit for it.  If you blog about it, leave 5 seperate comments.  If you purchase something from their website, use 10 seperate comments.  I will use random number generator to select a winner.
This giveaway will end Wednesday, March 3rd at 9 pm CST.
THANK YOU to the fine folks at Askinosie Chocolate for the opportunity to host this tasty giveaway!

23 Responses to “Askinosie Chocolate giveaway”

  1. ikkinlala Says:

    I’m not sure whether Canadians may enter, but just in case: I think I’d choose the El Rústico Chocolate Bar, because it seems truly unique.

  2. talkbirth Says:

    I became a fan on Facebook!

  3. talkbirth Says:

    And I would choose the 77% dark chocolate bar. Yummy!

  4. talkbirth Says:

    And, I posted it on my Facebook 🙂

  5. peacefulbeginnings Says:

    I became a fan on FB!

  6. peacefulbeginnings Says:

    Do I really have to choose just one??? Oh fine, I’d take the Del Tambo Nibble Bar.

  7. peacefulbeginnings Says:

    My status is your status.

  8. Rebecca Says:

    I would choose cocoa powder! Thanks for doing this awesome giveaway!

  9. Rebecca Says:

    I became a fan on facebook!

  10. Katie Says:

    I became a fan on FB!

  11. Katie Says:

    I posted the contest info to my FB.

  12. Katie Says:

    I’d chose the cocoa powder since I do a lot of baking.

  13. Tishia Says:

    I became a fan on facebook.

    El Rustico sounds very intteresting and I would choose that one.

  14. Michelle Says:

    Sounds like a really neat company! I would choose the cocoa powder! (But wow are the chocolate bars tempting!)

  15. Michelle Says:

    Following on twitter!

  16. Michelle Says:


  17. Delightful Links « Delighting in the Journey Says:

    […] @ Mama Journey is hosting a giveaway for Askinosie chocolate or cocoa powder. This looks like a neat company! But hurry, this ends March […]

  18. Michelle Says:


  19. Michelle Says:


  20. Michelle Says:


  21. Michelle Says:


  22. Michelle Says:



    (I’m not on facebook, otherwise I’d post there too!)

  23. Louise M. Says:

    The Nibble Bar I would choose, and I love baking with chocolate. Thank you.

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