slower days of summer

I have been enjoying the slower days of summer.  In June, we had VBS for my 5 yr old boy.  We also had 4 weeks of swimming lessons.  The kids loved being in the pool so often and became more confident about being in the water. 

We are loving all of the fresh produce that we get weekly from our CSA.  This week we got tomatoes, beets, cabbage, potatoes, onions, cucumber, as well as lots of other yummy stuff.

The kids have been enjoying participating in the summer reading program.  There are lots of great incentives to keep kids reading over the summer – ice cream, pool, free books, and more.  They also have some fun storytimes, like musicians, magicians, clowns.  It’s all free, if I return the books on time.

I’ve finally gotten out my 8gingher scissors that I got for Christmas and am sewing some toddler girl dresses with this pattern.  I’ll post pictures when I’m done (The Iphone is handy for taking pictures, but then they don’t get uploaded to my laptop where I blog.  Hmm.).

I’m enjoying my new book that I recently bought.  It’s called Read for the Heart by Sarah Clarkson.  Nothing like a lovely book and a cup of tea on a slow summer day.

These are the ways that we’ve been enjoying summer.


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