A Christmas knit

One of my favorite things to enjoy during the month of December is reading Christmas books with my kids. Here are a few of my favorites that we’ve been enjoying this week:

Shall I Knit You a Hat?: A Christmas Yarn by Kate Klise. This is a whimsical book about a bunny whose mom knits hats for all of his animal friends. I love the charming illustrations. There is even a pattern to knit your own hat like bunny wears.

A Little House Christmas: Holiday Stories From the Little House Books. It’s interesting to think about how simple Christmas gifts used to be. Laura was excited about getting a penny, sugar cookie, peppermint stick and tin cup. Where along the way did we lose the simplicity in our celebrations?

Bartholomew’s Passage by Arnold Ytreeide.  This is the second book in a trilogy.  We’ve also been working our way through this book with a daily Advent reading. My boys, ages 6-12, look forward to each day’s reading.

Speaking of Christmas, here’s a candy cane hat that I recently completed. The pattern is from the Itty Bitty Hats book by Susan B. Anderson. I knit it in Rowan Handknit cotton that the pattern called for. I hadn’t knit with it before, but loved it. It was a fun, quick knit, especially after working on socks.

Baby is playing with a foam ornament, not a glass one.  I wouldn’t give my baby a glass ornament to play with!

Join others and myself at the Yarn Along at Small Things where we link up to share what we’ve been reading and knitting.


One Response to “A Christmas knit”

  1. Victoria @ Mommy Marginalia Says:

    I love Christmas books, too! Your recommendations were somehow new to me, though. I will definitely have to look into “Shall I Knit You a Hat”! Merry Christmas!

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