How to Have a H.E.A.R.T. For Your Kids – Chapter 1

How To Have a HEART for Your Kids

Rachael begins Chapter 1 by writing “In order to reach the hearts of your kids, you must first have a heart for the things of God.” (p. 31)  Wow, that’s simple, yet profound!

Rachael writes about how she starts questioning her kids’ character, but then realizes that it’s her character that needs changing.  Kids say and do what they see.  They imitate the positive and the negative.

How is God revealed to us?  How can we show this to our kids?  God reveals himself to us in nature, His Word, prayer, and worship.

  • Nature: A sunset is an example of God revealed in nature.
  • His Word: Stories of people in the Bible demonstrate how God guides those who turn to Him.
  • Prayer: Praying should not be reserved for one moment during the day, but throughout the day.
  • Worship: Praise God with all of our being.  We are made to do this.

Some quotes that I liked:

“As intentional parents we do not react, but we respond.  We do not panic; we pray.” p. 32

“In the meantime, our kids are to be witnesses of our transformation and start imitating Him through imitating us.” p. 35

“If we seek God in His Word, we will find Him, when we seek Him with all of our hearts.” p. 49

“Memorize His Word all you want, but without the heart change, without true worship, it’s empty.” p. 56

Rachael gives questions at the end of each chapter that she titles Heart Checkup.  These questions are meant to guide you in applying the concepts in your life.

One of the questions from this week was about whether or not I make quiet time a priority in my life and how I do this.  Just this week, I started studying the book of Ephesians with a Good Morning Girls group.  I’m choosing to have my quiet time early in the morning before I get distracted by the routine of the day.  The Hello Mornings Challenge through Inspired to Action started this week and has been a great help to me.  I never thought I’d be setting my alarm for 5:45 a.m.

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